Monday, November 2, 2009

After much denial I am finally here to admit...I am no longer a blogger:( Sorry folks! It just takes me too darn long! I am on facebook regularly, updating my mood and posting cute pictures of Lily so if you want to "follow me" or my life please check out my facebook account! Also a quick note for those who have not heard- we are expecting our 2nd baby in the spring and we find out the sex in just 2 short weeks!! I think it's another girl but check out facebook in a couple weeks if you wanna know...:) ADIOS, Amigos!!!!!!!!!!!

PS- I am NOT deleting this blog because I do occasionally look at my friends blogs through it and there is a slim chance that in the future I will pick this blog up again!

Love to all,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Has it really be a month...??!!!?!!

*****WARNING: This is gonna be long- I know I suck at updating lately!!*********
Ok, so Todd turned 33 years old just after I got back from Ohio- he got his favorite dinner: Spanish chicken with mustard-green onion sauce, brown rice, black beans, and fresh green beans (it was soooo yummy!!) and an amazing 2 hour massage from yours truly!!:) I still can't believe my husband is 33!! But then again I will be the big 3-0 in November of this year- YIKES!!
I went back to the doctor to find out what was wrong and it is my stupid cholesterol!!!!! MOTHER OF PEARL!!!!!! Last fall when I was an EVIL (according to my family) Nazi on the South Beach diet eating NO carbs or fruit for months on end I took my cholesterol from 449 (considered "fatally high") to 189 (below 200= happy). Well fast forward 1 year and I am again doing the diet and working out 5-6 days a week but this time I am doing it normal by eating a few fruits every once in a while and several whole grain carbs a week- the realistic way to do this diet and not hate life. Well I have crappy genes in the cholesterol department because my number is 251!:( I am gonna go back one more time in February and get checked to see if it is still over 200, which I am sure it will be, and if it is they are putting me on a low dose cholesterol medicine that prevents build up in my ateries and starts breaking down the plaque that is there. Women who are pregnant or nursing cannot be on it so I guess it is a blessing in disguise that I never had any milk to nurse Lily! I REALLY wanted to control my cholesterol with diet and exercise and set a good example for my Dad/brothers but I also really don't want to die from a heart attack at 40 so medicine it is! And then in fall '09 when we start trying for baby #2 (AHHH!) I will just go off it until after the bambino is born!
Lily LOVES LOVES LOVES to put things in her mouth...So naturally I thought she would be thrilled to start eating food...oh contrare monfrair (I am sure I slaughter that spelling- I suck at French stuff!)!!!!!! Lily is not a big fan of food- she doesn't hate it but she doesn't love it either. I started her on rice cereal- nope. Then oatmeal- nope. Then green beans- sometimes. Then squash- nope! I don't want to give her the fruit/sweet stuff until she likes the green/healthy foods. The only things that she likes are sucking on cucumbers and pickles- go figure!
Leading up to Christmas I had so many people to make cookies for I ended up making 4 different kinds of cookies, 6 dozen of each kind- that is 24 DOZEN cookies, people!!!! It took 2 FULL days to make them all. Fast forward 25 years I am gonna be stabbing myself in the eye when it is time to make Christmas cookies!!! But in the end they were all yummy and/or cute! I also did my first cookie exchange and it was mixed bag- half the cookies were awesome and half were crap.
On Christmas Eve morning/afternoon I went to Burlington NC and saw one of my oldest friends in the world: JENNI GILES!!! I LOVE her! I went to her Dad's house and got to see her, her sister Kathryn, and her step-mom Kim. Jenni is my second friend EVER after moving to NC in 1987!! We watched old home videos of when we were 10-12 years old- WOW we looked rough! The early 1990's were not kind.
Jenni's mom, Jane, died of breast cancer when we were in high school I loved her soooooo much that I named Lily after her- Lily's middle name is "Jane. "
Now Jenni is so beautiful and happy and in love with a great guy I am sooooooooooo happy for her! It was the first time she met Lily and of course she loved her! Lily was wearing this cute shirt that says "Girls Team" in rainbow colors and Jenni was saying "Are you on the girls team?" and I said "Yes, that means she is a lesbian!" So of course we started cracking up and calling her "Lesbo" for the rest of the day!! Poor Lily, if she ends up being a Lesbian I will have myself to blame!
By dinner time Christmas Eve my sister Heather,her hubby Mark, my sister Laura, her hubby Travis and their 3 girls: Sophia 4, Holly 2, & Lucy 1 mo. all came over to my house for a yummy traditional Crenshaw family buffet! Then we Skyped my parents and it was great because my Mom got out of the hospital on Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!!:) We are sooo happy she is home! She was in a wheel chair but now she is using crutches and getting stronger everyday. It looks like she is doing well enough so she won't need me and Lily to go to Australia which stinks because we miss her and Austrailia would be cool!! Thank you everyone for your prayers and support- my Mom really appreciates your love. While we were Skyping I planned to act out the Nativity with everyone while my Dad read Luke 2 over the computer. It was so fun and cute- it was an awesome way to feel close to my parents while they are so far away.
A bunch of my friends here were asking me if I really missed my parents over Christmas/holidays and I said of course but I felt worse for them because we were all together here while they were by themselves on the other side of the world.
We had a WONDERFUL first Christmas with Lily- it was just the right mix of Crenshaw's, Estes', and our little family!:) I know that this is gonna show how selfish I can be but this was the very first Christmas in my life that it wasn't about the getting but the giving- FINALLY I know what the TRUE spirit of Christmas is all about!! Look Ma, she's growing up.....!!

We rang in 2009 with some friends at a party! It was so nice to go out and do something because last year I was preggo with Lily and SICK AS A DOG! We played several awesome games but my favorite one was where we popped balloons and tried to find word strips that spelled "Happy" "New" "Year"- I won a $30 Visa card!!!!!! We had Todd's niece, Savannah and her friend babysit and Lily woke up at midnight with all the yelling/fireworks in our neighborhood. Well I didn't really tell Savannah how to deal with this situation because SHE HAS NEVER WOKEN UP DURING THE NIGHT since she was 1 month old! So when we walk in the door at 2 am Lily is in the Johnny-Jump Up laughing!! When we asked Savannah why she didn't call us she told us she didn't want us to worry- she then said she tried everything but when Lily would cry she was "really annoying- getting on my nerves"!! Needless to say Savannah is NEVER babysiting again if she is gonna tell me that my child who is the easiest baby on the planet is "annoying" to her....She is black-listed from babysitting until she is 30 years old!!! I put Lily down and thank goodness it has not effected her sleep any night since.
Liy has cut her first 2 teeth!! She was little extra whiney and clingy but really NOT bad- I expected worse. But then again she does have LOTS more teeth to go so I am sure some will be worse than others. She is sooooo freaking cute with her little white teeth on the bottom when she smiles:)
My friend Nicki, whose baby shower I posted pics of in my last posting had a healthy baby girl on January 6 (which is also my niece Holly's b-day AND Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck had their 2nd daughter on the same day- you know I love celebrity news!!) after 15 hours of labor and an epidural(I tried to tell her she'd get one in the end!)! Everyone is happy and healthy and they named her Heidi Elizabeth Ford- cute! Congrats Fords!
Between cheating and eating lots of gluttonous foods at Thanksgiving and having to spend 2 weeks re-losing the weight I gained and then doing the same thing at Christmas I have just yo-yo-ed up and down in the same 6 lb range for the last 6 weeks. But it was worth it for all the yummy food! However now that the holidays are over I am back on track and have 8 more pounds to lose- anything beyond that is a BONUS. I am hoping that by Valentines Day(Lily and I are going to St.Louis, MO for my cousin's wedding that weekend) I will be back to my pre-baby body (plus some nasty stretch marks). All in all diet and exercise are both going well.
On Thurday Lily woke up with this nasty cough out of nowhere! It was sooooo sad, she would cough and then look at me with these scared little eyes and start whimpering/crying!!! By Friday she had a runny nose and a temperature of 102.3! We went to the doctor and it is a cold. I can't believe the only thing I give her is Tylenol- poor baby! She just moans and whimpers in her sleep and she sounds like she can barely breath. The fever seemed to have broken today so I am hoping by mid-next week her other symptoms will be gone too. It's funny I always thought, "It is gonna suck when she is sick because she'll be whiney, maybe wake up during the night, and I'll have to deal with her being fussy and that she is sick all I care about is HER and every cough/moan/whimper/cry breaks my heart!!!! I love on her extra all day long- she is so pitiful! It just goes to show you how selfishly you think of things before you have a child. Before I was worried about how it would negitively effect ME but now that she is here it's all about HER!! :) Alright, I warned it was gonna be long- I promise I will try and do better about blogging sooner..... OH I just remembered- my brother John found our they are having a baby GIRL! They are gonna name her Abigail "Abby" Marie Crenshaw- we can't wait! And then in August they are gonna live with us for a few weeks while they get relocated here/Charlotte from Idaho.
Ok, now that's everything....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Ok so I haven't posted because it just seems like one dramatic episode after another....some good drama, some bad! A brief recap of the last month...My sister Laura had her 3rd daughter, Lucy on the kitchen floor of her new house in Ohio November 7!!!!!!! It was the middle of the night and she was waiting for someone to come stay with Sophia and Holly so she could go to the hospital but Lucy just came too fast so Travis had to deliver her in the kitchen- thus the nickname, Lucy Linoleum! Everyone is doing great!:)

Lily got her first professional pictures taken at Portrait Innovations and she was sooooooo cute! I will definitely go there again:)

On my mom's 60th birthday and she crashed her motorcycle and broke half her body! She is still REALLY hurt, has been in the hospital for a month and will probably be there until New Years!! POOR MOM! She seems to be in good spirits despite the pain and boring bedrest. I offered to go out in the beginning of the year to help her once she gets out of the hopital especially since my dad is so busy with his job and now he is in the HIgh Council over the Singles Ward. My parents answer is still pending but maybe Lily and I will start 2009 Down Under!

I went to a girls night dinner at Chilis and found out through a secret icing on a YUMMY cake that my girlfriend Emily Black is having another BOY!! I am so happy for her:) Afterwards we went to see the movie Twilight- I WOULD RATHER EAT POOP than see it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS AWFUL!! Edward is hot but they turned it into a stupid joke of a movie!! I was devasted!

I helped throw my girlfriend from The Umstead Spa, Nicki, a baby shower for her baby girl due in January. I can't wait for Lily to have another playdate friend that is a GIRL!!! It also happened to be my 29 birthday that day (I AM OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). As a gift for Nicki I made my 2nd ever diaper cake and I liked this one much better than the first:)
Mieko and Lily

Nicki (mommy to be) and Me
Morgan and Nicki

My diaper cake
Mary Jo, Nicki, and Me
Me, Lily, and Elliott

I had my blood tested again now that I am doing South Beach and working out all the time again( I only had 6 lbs left to loose since having Lily but after Thanksgiving I gotta relose like 10!!!). RECAP- Last summer I found out I have fatally high triglycerides and cholestrol. I did SB diet and worked out and it dropped like 300 points and my cholestrol and triglycerides were fine:) Then I got pregant, ate whatever, gained weight and now I am back on track so I thought I should have my numbers checked again. I called the doctor today to find out my results and they said I need to come to and "talk to the doctor" which means THERE'S A PROBLEM!! If your numbers are fine they tell you so and you don't have to go in but if there is a problem they make you come talk to the doctor- I find out next week what the problem is- they test a LOT of things so it may not even be my cholestrol this time- what the crap is with my body!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Todd, Lily, and I went out to spend Thanksgiving with Laura and her family. Heather and Bob/Maria/kids were also there. It was INSANE with so many people in one house and so many kids but it was fun! Then when everyone left Lily and I stayed behind and hung out for another week. It was a great trip but full of tears, tantrums, and nonstop cleaning (yet somehow nothing was ever clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!). It took like 2 hours to get the all 4 girls ready and in the car for outings everyday!! And I wanted to get some photos of Lily in the snow but somehow that never happened. Lily and I flew home today- it was Lily's first plane ride and she did great! I had her in the baby bjorn while we were in the airport and everyone LOVED her- they all told me how cute and smiley she is and on the plane she slept the whole time and when the plane landed she woke up and smiled at every single person who walked by us!! I love my perfect child!!:) But it was crazy to drag all the bags and stuff around the airport by myself- I cannot even imagine what it will be like if we do go to Australia- it's a 23 hour plane ride with at least 3 connections!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan, Lucy, Sophia, Holly, Bobby, Isabelle, and Lily
Heather, Me, Laura, and Bob
Crenshaw, Chabo, McKeon, Estes
Me, Lucy, Holly, Lily, and Sophia

Lily and Holly
Ryan and Lily
Baby Lucy

I am soooooooooooooooo excited for Christmas this year! I just feel the spirit of Christmas so strongly this year- maybe because I am in love with my husband and baby and am focusing on service this year! I just feel happy all the time lately- quoting my brother-in-law, it feels like I "swallowed sunshine"!!!!!!! So all in all life is good!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lily's First Halloween

Sickness, Craigslist, Working Out, & Babies....
OK, so don't ask me why but I have just no been in the blogging mood lately....sorry this is so long in the coming.

About 2 weeks ago Lily's neck was all red and splotchy. Then the red and splotchy dots moved down her belly and back and finally to her groin and legs. She was acting fine/not sick but by the following day it was even worse, on her face, so I decided to take her to the doctor. They took a blood sample from her foot and she barely cried about it but there was blood on both her socks, my shirt, and that night when I took the band aid off it was FULL of blood- WAAAAHHH! My baby bleed! But alas it was the blood that helped them know what she had- ROSEOLA! Apparently there is nothing they give you for it and it just goes away in a 3-5 days. What a waste of money at the doctor! If I had just waited one more day it would have been gone! Oh well, she is my first baby so I had to make sure she was ok and didn't have allergies or something.

I have gotten obsessed with craigslist lately! I went on there just to browse and next thing I know I am buying like 10 things!! I got obessed with looking for the Trumpette socks- you know the cute socks that look like they have little Mary Janes shoes on! They are way expensive at the boutiques so I decided to check craigslist. A lady in Durham had some but by the time I emailed her they were sold. At that point I was on a mission and I wasn't gonna stop until I bought some! I looked in surrounding NC cities but there weren't thing you know I am looking from CA to NY!! I ended up buying some for $10 (including shipping) from St.Louis, MO. Then like 2 days later someone in Cary was selling some in different colors than the ones I bought for only $5 so I bought those too! I also bought Lily a Children's Place peacoat for $10 (orginally $50)from someone but when I went to pick it up they didn't have it with them so I am going back today and they are giving it to me for FREE because they felt so bad for not having it the first time!!:) I felt bad taking it for free so I baked them some pumpkin bread. I am sure I probably spent $5-$10 in gas just driving there and back but anything free is exciting!!! I also got some new bedding for our boring bedroom and I am loving it!!! It takes a little longer to make the bed in the morning but it is worth it! I will have to take a photo and post it. Anywho...Todd is gonna kill me if I buy anymore stuff so I have decided to just stop going to website for a while- it is very addictiive!

I have never lifted weights at the gym- I don't know how! I always just do aerobic or cardio stuff. I decided I really wanted to learn how to lift so this lady at my church told me that the website tells you how to lift. I went on there and made some notes for lifting and 2 weeks ago I started! M, W, F I lift and Tu, Th, Sa I do cardio. With the lifting I alternate upper body, lower body, upper body and with the cardio I do stair stepping style- I start on a lower level on the elliptical/treadmill and move up to higher levels every minute and then after 5 minutes I go back down and then work my way back up again- (repeat several times). I feel like my body is getting stronger and slimmer- I love it! Of the 45 lbs (shhhhhhhh!) I gained with Lily I have lost 35 of it. It is always the last 10 lbs that is the hardest! But I really am enjoying lifting weights!

Ever since I have had Lily I realize even more what miracle having a baby is!! I was at the gym watching a baby story- CRYING on the treadmill!!! It is just so amazing and wonderful having a baby and falling so desperately in love!!!! It almost makes me want to be pregnant again! Not really because being pregnant is AWFUL (I am miserably sick/puking, and in pain!!) but somehow now that I have Lily it makes it even more worth the awful pregnancy to have this gorgeous and sweet baby that I love unconditionally!! Just last night I was rocking her and she was asleep and my eyes were getting watery just looking at her sweet face and realizing how much I love her! OK you probably all want to kill me or throw up right now but being a mom really is greatest gift ever!!!!!!! And speaking of being a mom- we just found out my little brother John and his wife Amanda are having a baby in May 2009!! I am so excited and happy for them- more cousins for Lily!! Plus my sister Laura is due with baby girl #3, Lucy, on Monday. We are going out to visit and help with the girls around Thanksgiving so I will be sure to post photos after our trip.

I am just now posting our Halloween/Trunk or Treat photos but since I have already posted them on facebook some of you have already seen them. I am also posting some cute/funny photos just for good times....enjoy!

Madison, Tami, Dallin, me, & Lily
(the boyers looked awesome- her hubby
was the tin man!!)

Me, Lily, Rachel, & Tyler-
When Lily grows up she is
gonna marry Tyler!!!

Lily and Carsyn

Todd the vampire,
Lily the ballerina,
Susy the cat

this one makes me laugh

P.S. This was the FIRST election that I voted in that my candidate did NOT win...boohoo!!

P.P.S Lily pooped through her first outfit yesterday- while I was voting Lily was pooping!! It was all over her jeans, her onesie, and her socks!! It was so bad I had to get her naked and rinse her off in the tub!! Good times! I guess that is her way of telling me size 1 diapers are too small now...on to size 2!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Fun

Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze

So if you are already my friend on you have seen all these photos of our trip to Ken's Korny Corn Maze in Garner. It was overpriced and not as much fun as I was hoping but it is Lily's first fall so I wanted to go somewhere and get some photos:) If nothing else it was worth it for the cute they are....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I was TAGGED.....

OK, so Ann tagged me so here goes: The rules are below...Each player answers the question themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment letting them know that they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person that tagged you know when you've answered the questions on your blog. So I am tagging my mom, my sisters- Heather and Laura, Mandy Setzer, and Kim Reed! But anyone who wants to answer these questions just message me to let me know so I can check out your answers after you post:)

10 years ago I was:
1. Just graduating high school
2. I had a bad self esteem
3. I fell in love for the first time
4. I went to college at ECU
5. I got a tattoo against my parents wishes (they know now:))

5 things on today's to do list:
1. Go to playgroup at Crowder Park
2. Go to the library
3. Make my grocery list
4. Make this week menu plan
5. Love on and kiss Lily

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Brownies
2. Chips
3. Cereal
4. Fruit
5. Yogart

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Get a massage every day
2. Pay off all our debts (mortgage, cars, student loans...)
3. Start an IRA for Lily
4. Travel the World
5. Give my family lots of the money

5 places I have lived:
1. Cary, NC
2. Greenville, NC
3. Orlando, FL
4. Gurnee, IL
5. Fuquay Varina, NC

5 jobs I have had:
1. Helped at a dental office
2. Server at restaurants/country clubs
3. Massage Therapist
4. Selling food at Walt Disney World/Magic Kingdom
5. Mom

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

12 Weeks Old Today!!!

Lily is 12 weeks old today and will be 3 MONTHS old in a week!!!!!!!!!!! I think time goes faster AFTER you have kids- maybe because they change so fast time is more obvious.
So Lily now does all her sleeping in her room, in her crib. She started taking one long afternoon nap a couple weeks ago so I started laying her down in her room for an official nap time. She wakes up between 8-10am then goes back down for her nap between 12-1pm, wakes up at 4pm, and then goes down for the night at 8pm! I realized my child is ONLY AWAKE about 8 hours a day!!! That makes me laugh!:)

I am posting some photos of her with her Daddy! She loves her daddy sooooo much! When he comes home from work she just talks and talks to him. Daddy is pretty crazy about Lily too!:)

This is what I mean about how fast they grow....

Lily is 4 days old here

Lily is 11 weeks old here

Ok, so Lily has this dark patch of hair on her low back and it makes me laugh so hard! Of course, for her sake, I hope it falls out but I HAD to take a photo of it- enjoy......

And here are just some cute photos I took of her in the last week or so...